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A New Kind of Financial Advice

Financial planners seem largely inaccessible to young and even many middle age Americans. The reason is simple: The vast majority of financial planning firms make their money by charging fees on investments they manage for you (and there is nothing wrong with that). But what if you don’t have lots of money to invest, or what if all of your investments are in your 401(k) account? Many financial advisors won’t even want to talk to you. 

We think that’s wrong. Financial planning works best when you begin at an early age. So we invented our WealthBuilder program, providing top notch financial planning to those who simply don’t have assets to invest. 

How It Works<br/>

How It Works

For a modest upfront fee and affordable monthly payments we will put you through a one year financial boot camp.

After the year is up, many clients are able to shift to a maintenance program, under which we meet twice a year to update the plan and deal with whatever issues are coming up. 

Wealthbuilder is the perfect solution for the younger generations and those with growing families who want good sound financial advice, at an affordable price.   Contact us to see if Wealthbuilder is a good fit for your advisory needs! 

What You Get

  • An initial financial plan to establish goals and benchmarks.
  • Analysis of your insurance needs and review of existing policies
  • Budget and cash flow plan with monthly budget support meetings (optional)
  • Quarterly meetings for one year to focus in detail on the topics that matter most to you
  • An investment and savings plan
  • Review of employee benefits
  • Debt management plan including a student loan analysis if needed
  • Tax review and recommendations
  • Investment management services (optional) with low asset minimums
  • 24/7 Online access to your financial plan
  • As needed access to your advisor for one year