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The Fee Only Fiduciary Difference

Advice You Can Trust

Advice You Can Trust

Financial publications from the Wall Street Journal to Kiplingers, as well as commentators like Suze Orman and Jane Bryant Quinn have suggested that consumers should seek out fee-only financial advisors for financial planning or investment advice. 

It's a matter of trust.  Many advisors get paid a commission when you implement their advice by purchasing an investment or insurance product.  Some ("fee-based" vs. "fee-only" will collect a fee for advice - but then may also sell you products for commission. All of this may leave you wondering - was the advice you received in YOUR best interest - or in your ADVISOR'S best interest? 

As fee-only financial planners we do not accept any commissions.  We do not sell any product.  We can't promise you will always like what we have to tell you - but we will always give you the advice that we think is in your best interest. And we have acted as a fiduciary since before that term was "a thing" in the financial media.  

You can rely on the fact that we are always on your side.  Our advice may not be perfect - but we promise that every recommendation we make will be based solely on what we think is best for you.