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Financial Pathways Retirement Wall Of Fame

This is a page intended to recognize some of our clients who are living their retirement dreams.  We asked our retired clients to share a few thoughts about their lives in retirement, and what advice they can offer those who are aspiring to leave the corporate world.  We hope this can serve as inspiration to those who are working toward their retirement goals.  Inclusion on this page does not imply a testimonial for the investment advisory services of Financial Pathway Advisors.  Experiences of clients profiled on these pages may not be representative of the experience of every client.    

Lewis and Karen (Seattle Wa)

Lewis and Karen (Seattle Wa)

aren was previously an executive at a major New Jersey based consumer products company.  Lewis worked for the federal government. Good planning and a frugal pre-retirement lifestyle allowed them to retire years earlier than most. They are living out their retirement dream near their daughter, son in law, and grandchildren in Seattle.  

"We now have the time to take better care of ourselves, something that was previously an afterthought given our family situation and two hectic careers. We walk daily outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we now take the time to prepare healthy meals, which we enjoy sharing with family and friends. We also do community volunteer work, and spend the rest of our time doting on our two wonderful grandchildren."

Pat and Keith (New Jersey)

Pat and Keith (New Jersey)

What do you like best about retirement? The best thing about retirement is that we finally have time to do the things we love to do.  Before retirement we were always trying to fit the fun activities into our work schedules. Now every day is Saturday!  Also,  it is awesome to never wake up to an alarm clock.

What surprised you most?  We were anxious about being able to afford being retired.  Thanks to Jim, our financial planner, we are enjoying a comfortable living without worry.  It’s the best kind of surprise.

How do you spend your days? We’ve never used our boat so much in the 25 years we’ve had it, we’ve explored many parks and hiking trails we didn’t know existed, and traveled  many miles on our bikes.

Advice for those retiring soon.  If your financial planner says you can retire comfortably, do it!  Time goes by too fast.

Jeff and Jill (New Jersey)

Jeff and Jill (New Jersey)

Jeff enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate for Hallmark and Starbucks, retiring in 2016.  He and Jill are enjoying traveling, exercising, volunteering, and chasing grandchildren (one of two pictured above)

What Do You Love About Retirement:  "You own the day!"

Advice for Others:  Don't wait too long. It's not about how many years you have left, its about how many healthy years are remaining to enjoy!  

Chuck and Linda (New Jersey)

Chuck and Linda (New Jersey)

Chuck retired from a career in industrial sales, Linda worked for a large New Jersey based insurance company.  They enjoy travelling and spending time with grandchildren. They joined a local gym to keep in shape.  Chuck enjoys fishing and photography, Linda enjoys sketching and paining.  

Best Thing About Retirement:  Having time to pursue hobbies, go to the movies, or for a hike whenever the mood strikes us. 

Advice for Aspiring Retirees: Set up and live on your retirement budget while you are still working, so there will be no surprises!

Adam and Lisa (New Jersey) 

Adam and Lisa (New Jersey) 

"My wife and I love to travel. My retirement was fueled by that desire and the ability to have an excellent financial plan. Our financial plan has provided us the confidence necessary to take that big step.

My retirement started in 2020 when uncertainty was a daily concern. Even though we had a plan in place that we had discussed over and over again for the previous 3 years, we still had worries. Jim listened and responded with his expertise by adjusting our plan until we felt comfortable. 

We spent the last 4 1/2 months traveling throughout the country in a class B van. 13,500 miles. From coast to coast and back again. 19 national parks and monuments. Visits to family scattered throughout the country who we couldn't visit with in the past year and a half. The next adventure is already planned. The road ahead feels bright."
Robert and Susan (New Jersey)

Robert and Susan (New Jersey)

What do you like best about retirement?
Not having to get up early and hit the ground running to get on the highway or join an early Zoom call. 

What surprised you most?
Thought I would have more free time.  This won't get any sympathy from folks still working but I seem to have more things going on than I have time to deal with.  

How do you spend your days? 
I follow the business before pleasure principle and get my chores done first before getting out for the fun part of my day. Everyone's definition of Fun will differ, but mine includes biking, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, camping.  Something for every season.

How did financial planning help?
You need someone to act as a guide regarding financial decisions.  Retirement is not the only goal so you have to balance other financial goals with retirement saving. For example we wanted to provide help to our two children without a) taking over their lives and b) jeopardizing our future.  Good to have a CFP to navigate those goals.

What advice would you offer to those planning to retire soon?
1. Focus on your health. All that saving for retirement is kind of wasted if poor health holds you back.
2. Give yourself a year or so when you first retire to get used to being retired before making any big changes.
3. Young  people think of retirement as a single point in time but in reality you could be retired for 30+ years. So don't go on a spending spree when you first retire.
Abel and Eneida (New Jersey)

Abel and Eneida (New Jersey)

What do you like best about retirement? Freedom from schedules. If I am doing something around the house, I can always stop and go out knowing I can continue the next day. When you are working that may need to wait until the following weekend. Retirement gives you lots more scheduling flexibility.

What surprised you most? I had some concern  about being able to stay busy but surprisingly did not have any problems staying busy.

How did financial planning help? Financial planning provided me with a roadmap of how much I could spend each month on a long-term basis. This takes away a lot of the anxiety on whether you can retire comfortably and helps you understand what monthly budget you are working with.

What advice would you offer to those planning to retire soon? Seek financial guidance. This will help you understand how financially prepared you are as well as what your monthly income will reasonably be over the long-term. This takes away the financial anxiety and helps you focus on the better things retirement offers.

John and Adriana (New Jersey)

John and Adriana (New Jersey)

John was an elevator technician.  He and Adriana retired several years ago, and still live right here in New Jersey.  They enjoy travelling and "being able to do whatever we want whenever we want to do it".  John offers a sound piece of advice for those hoping to retire soon:  "Get out of debt"

What Do You Love About Retirement?

"Every day is a Sunday"

Rich and Beverly (New Jersey)

Rich and Beverly (New Jersey)

What do you like best about retirement?  Not having to commute in inclement weather to and from my former place of employment. As if that was bad enough, I had to work outdoors in a bucket truck.

What surprised you the most?   My life style of living did not change. I was able still do the things I love to do.

How do you spend your days?  Since I like doing landscaping yard work, I cut the grass and sidewalk edging and clean up on a regular basis. I also repair lawn mowers for a very reasonable cost. I acquire many mowers in my travels and repair and refurbish them for sale. This gives me a little extra pocket money.  I have a music room with a couple of Hammond organs which I play. 

How did Financial Planning help?  Financial planning was well worth my small investment. They showed me all the areas that could be problematic with my limited resources and my current portfolio. I had many things working against me for wanting to take an early retire at 62.  My planner suggested I continue working for a while longer if possible.  I continued to work until age 63 and 9 months. I had reached a point where as much as I liked the work, I could no longer deal with the extreme weather conditions. I did not want to work another winter.

Ed &#38; Barb (New Jersey)<br/>

Ed & Barb (New Jersey)

What do you like best about retirement? Not having a "work" schedule and having more flexible time at our disposal. 

What surprised you most? How easily we slipped into the retirement mode.  We think it's because we really thought it all through and did not do it spontaneously - you really have to be ready for this new free time.  It needs to be planned.

How do you spend your days? Catching up on projects that fell by the wayside during the years we worked (that's ongoing).  We do a bit of traveling when we can.  We also volunteer at the church thrift shop.  We were surprised (happily) with the birth of our granddaughter last year - she lives with us, so I guess that will tell you how we spend our days now!

How did financial planning help? Once we established our financial plan, it allowed us to be on autopilot with investments, distributions, taxes, etc. - not something we felt comfortable doing on our own.  

What advice would you offer to those planning to retire soon? Seek reputable advice from a CFP - don't do it alone.  Plan, plan, plan!  Make sure you are emotionally and financially ready to take on this next step of your life.  It's a big one!