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Financial Pathways Retirement Wall Of Fame

This is a page intended to recognize some of our clients who are living their retirement dreams.  We asked our retired clients to share a few thoughts about their lives in retirement, and what advice they can offer those who are aspiring to leave the corporate world.  We hope this can serve as inspiration to those who are working toward their retirement goals.  Inclusion on this page does not imply a testimonial for the investment advisory services of Financial Pathway Advisors.  

Stan and Susan

Stan and Susan both worked for the same company for many years.  Stan was in IT, Susan in HR.  They retired in Florida in 2014, where they play golf, do volunteer work, and travel as much as possible.  Stan even works part time as a fishing guide at a local resort property.  Now that's my kind of retirement!

What Do You Love About Retirement?  

"Being free from constant stress and having our personal lives revolve around our professional lives"  

Karen and Lewis

Karen was previously an executive at a major New Jersey based consumer products company.  Lewis worked for the federal government. Good planning and a frugal pre-retirement lifestyle allowed them to retire years earlier than most. They are living out their retirement dream near their daughter, son in law, and grandchildren in Seattle.  

What Do You Love About Retirement?

"We now have the time to take better care of ourselves, something that was previously an afterthought given our family situation and two hectic careers. We walk daily outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we now take the time to prepare healthy meals, which we enjoy sharing with family and friends. We also do community volunteer work, and spend the rest of our time doting on our two wonderful grandchildren."

John and Adriana

John was an elevator technician.  He and Adriana retired several years ago, and still live right here in New Jersey.  They enjoy travelling and "being able to do whatever we want whenever we want to do it".  John offers a sound piece of advice for those hoping to retire soon:  "Get out of debt"

What Do You Love About Retirement?

"Every day is a Sunday"

Jeff and Jill

Jeff enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate for Hallmark and Starbucks, retiring in 2016.  He and Jill are enjoying traveling, exercising, volunteering, and chasing grandchildren (one of two pictured above)

What Do You Love About Retirement:  "You own the day!"

Advice for Others:  Don't wait too long. It's not about how many years you have left, its about how many healthy years are remaining to enjoy!  

Chuck and Linda

Chuck retired from a career in industrial sales, Linda worked for a large New Jersey based insurance company.  They enjoy travelling and spending time with grandchildren. They joined a local gym to keep in shape.  Chuck enjoys fishing and photography, Linda enjoys sketching and paining.  

Best Thing About Retirement:  Haing time ot pursue hobbies, go to the movies, or for a hike whenever the mood strikes us. 

Advice for Aspiring Retirees: Set up and live on your retirement budget while you are still working, so there will be no surprises!  

John and Kathy

John and Kathy retired in 2015. He had two careers, first as an engineer and then as a self-employed plumbing & heating contractor. She was a  public relations manager for a large corporation and later for a local New Jersey nonprofit. Their retirement dream was to watch sunsets over a lake. After several years of looking, they found the perfect spot in Virginia. They’ve kept busy with house renovations, hiking, boating, meeting new friends, trying new hobbies and traveling. And of course, watching a lot of spectacular sunsets.

Best Thing About Retirement:  Not having to wait for a weekend to do something fun. 

Advice to others:  Live conservatively while you're working so you can maximize both financial security and fun when you retire.  Have a lifestyle retirement plan as well as a financial plan before you retire.