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Starting Out/Early Career

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Having worked on hundreds of financial plans, we have frequently noticed that successful retirees have one thing in common.  No they didn’t all make huge salaries.  They all followed a similar path to success.  They started saving and investing early, eschewed debt, spent money wisely, and avoided big financial mistakes.  But how do you follow this path, when you don’t know where the path is?  That’s where we come in.  We are your guides on the path to financial success!

We know you don’t need the same kind of advice as your parents.  You aren’t looking for someone to invest a huge sum of money (yet!).  And that means many financial planners don’t want to work with you.  Investing money is all they do.  What you do need is a plan, but it needs to be fungible and loosely structured.  A simple plan that will grow with you as life unfolds.

Your plan will focus on what matters most to you right now.  Like getting student loan debt under control.  Preparing to buy your first home.  Building a sound budget discipline.  Getting started on building your retirement nest egg.  Oh and starting a family maybe?  That’s a lot of dragons to slay – but we can help put it all together into a cohesive plan and help you prioritize.   

Our fee structures include programs designed specifically for the needs of younger people.  Fees that aren’t based on your investments – but on the services you want us to provide.  Give us a call or send us a note to learn more, we look forward to helping you build your own path to financial independence.