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Investment Management

Unlike many financial advisors, we don't require our clients to invest their assets with us. But many of our financial planning clients choose to do so.  They appreciate our simple, low cost, risk managed approach to investing.  And they like that we take care of everything for them, from tax planning, to rebalancing, to structuring retirement plan distributions.  And when the markets get crazy (which they do from time to time) - its nice to have a professional hand on the tiller.  

Our Approach is SIMPLE and LOW COST. 

Our Approach is SIMPLE and LOW COST. 

We have seen investment portfolios with hundreds of stocks and bonds and proprietary engineered products which no one can understand.  We like SIMPLE. 

We can achieve incredibly well diversified portfolios by using no more than 10 to 12 investment holdings.  So why make it any more complicated than that?  

We also notice that managers who trade in and out of stocks don't do as well as those who simply buy and hold based on an index.  Simpler and cheaper is better.   

Because we keep things simple, we can charge lower fees for our services than most of our competitors.  Better portfolios - lower cost.  What's not to like?

A Focus on Risk Management

A Focus on Risk Management

Sure, earning solid investment returns over time is important.  But as we learned during the financial crisis - so is effective management of risk.

Market shocks can destroy retirement plans of older clients. But younger clients with higher appetite for risk may also improve returns with intelligent risk management.  

The key to managing risk is and always has been diversification, or DON'T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.  And that has not changed.  What has changed are the vastly improved tools investment advisors now have available to help diversify their client's portfolio.    

We would love to show you how our innovative diversification strategies can reduce risk - without eliminating your ability to earn good investment returns.

Bringing Your Financial Plan to Life

Bringing Your Financial Plan to Life

We do it all - so that you can focus on what is really important.  

We do the research, create investment models, help you choose the model which best supports your plan.  We buy the investments, monitor performance, and rebalance when necessary to make sure the allocations don't stray too far from the plan. 

We handle tax planning, distribution strategies, and create simple, readable reports on a monthly basis to measure performance.  

Our client accounts at TD Ameritrade link back into the clients financial plan - so we can always see where we stand compared to the plan.  

Let us sweat the details, so you don't have to! 

We are big fans of Dimensional Funds.  This short video from DFA helps to explain our investment philosophy.


We are fee only investment advisors.  That means we don’t get paid more to use high cost investment products.  We don’t get paid more to continually buy and sell stocks.  So why would we?  We keep things simple. We favor low cost investment products, unless there is compelling evidence justifying higher fees.  We automate.  We do not waste money on fancy office furniture and lavish events.  Lower costs means more money in your pocket.  We direct the fees you pay us to what really matters:  Sound financial planning, portfolio research and design, tax planning, and stellar customer service.


Clients who invest with us will have their own account at TD Ameritrade with full online and direct 800 number access. We work within that account to implement your investment strategy.  You will receive monthly communications such as statements and performance reporting independently from both TD Ameritrade and Financial Pathways. We provide a monthly detailed commentary on markets, the economy, and how our investment strategy is performing.

For our clients in retirement, we will manage distribution and tax strategies according to the recommendations outlined in the financial plan, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

We have no minimum investment amount, and we do not require our clients to invest with us. We can recommend simple alternatives for your 401k, or other assets that you manage on your own. Once you see the evidence supporting our approach however, we think you will want to join us.


Past performance is not predictive of future results.  What worked in the past will not necessarily work in the future.  Diversification does not work equally well under all market conditions, and while designed to limit risk of loss, does not eliminate risk of loss.  Investments can lose money.