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New Jersey Financial Planning Services

An Instruction Book for Your Financial Life.

An Instruction Book for Your Financial Life.

Did you ever wish that life came with an instruction manual? 

Well you're in luck.  Your comprehensive financial plan from Financial Pathways is a customized step by step instruction manual for your financial life! 

We start by building a model of your financial future using powerful financial software tools.  We can then "try on" various financial strategies to see if they increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.  We can also see how any one strategy may interact with others, either to your advantage (or not).  These powerful tools combined with many years of experience and education provide us with a deep understanding of your unique personal situation.  We use that understanding to develop a customized "to do" list of recommendations. 

Our financial recommendations cover the broad expanse of financial matters.  We advise on a multitude of financial topics, including

  • Saving and Investing for Retirement
  • Detailed College planning
  • Tax planning 
  • Social Security, Medicare, and pension plans
  • Retirement income planning
  • Insurance (life, disability, long term care)
  • Budgeting and debt management

We have built instruction manuals for hundreds of satisfied clients.  Now if only we could create an instruction manual for raising teenagers!  


No Strings Attached Financial Planning

No Strings Attached Financial Planning

Unfortunately, many financial plans we have reviewed seem to be little more than elaborate pitches aiming to influence the purchase of life insurance, annuities, or some other (usually expensive and complicated) financial product. 

Other "financial planners" will only work with you if you agree up front to invest a given amount of money.  

We offer financial planning as a standalone service.  We don't sell any product - other than the plan itself.   While we do offer investment management to clients who need that level of service, we do not require it as a condition of working with us.  

We offer financial planning either for a fixed one time fee, or as a monthly subscription service.   Either way the fees we will quote you will be clear, straightforward, with no gimmicks or hidden agendas.   

So if you have been turned off in the past with advisors who seem to have some hidden agenda, give us a call.  I think you will find our approach refreshingly simple.  

Planning Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Planning Reduces Anxiety and Stress

"I feel so much better now that I know there is a real plan!"

We hear this all the time from our clients.  And why not?   We think going through life without a financial plan seems is like running through a boulder field in the dark with a knife in one hand a scissors in the other.  No wonder people feel stressed over their finances. 

Quite seriously, this is complicated stuff, and the stakes are enormously high!  With so much uncertainty involved, is it any wonder we worry about money? 

No plan can eliminate financial risks altogether.  But at least with a good plan in place you can put down the knife see where you are going!   A good sound retirement or financial plan from our team of New Jersey based fee only ffinancial planners can set your mind at ease.  We consider all of the what ifs - and provide a plan to address them! 

We do what we do so you can sleep at night.  So give us a call and see how we can wash away some of your stress and worry.  

Your Plan as a Roadmap for the Future

Your Plan as a Roadmap for the Future

Financial planning is not a one time project, but an ongoing process.  As life throws the unexpected at you, your plan needs to evolve and change.  We will be here to support you along your financial journey.   

The plan design provides a roadmap by which you can measure progress from year to year.  Actual results invariable stray from the initial plan.  But as we make ongoing adjustments to the plan over time based on actual results, the model grows ever stronger.  

We encourage our clients to think of financial planning as an ongoing service rather than a one time event.  To support this concept, we offer subscription plans which provide virtually unlimited access our services on an as needed basis, including online access to the financial planning tool itself (so you can do your own "what if" analysis!  

Clients who utilize our investment management services always enjoy  unlimited access to financial planning updates and advice.