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Financial Planning for All of Your Life

A Plan for all Stages of Your Life

Financial planning is not just about retirement and investments.  We know that without a plan, money has a way of disappearing, crises happen, and goals can be elusive.  In contrast, a good plan keeps you focused on what is truly important - your grandest dreams, your most audacious goals. A good plan prepares for the unexpected - so the inevitable crisis is taken in stride.  Your financial plan puts you firmly in charge of your money, directing it to its highest purpose.  

It is never too soon to start planning - in fact, the sooner you start, the quicker the dreams become reality!

Getting Off To A Good Start

Getting Off To A Good Start

You earned the degree.  You have that first real job.  And maybe your first apartment.  But you also have a lot of questions.  

You want to get your financial life off on the right foot, but where do you start?  We can help you get your financial life organized and help you establish financial priorities.  Laying a strong financial foundation this early in life will serve you well down the road. 

Making the right financial moves early in life will pay off a thousand fold over the course of your life.  Of course, money is tight at this stage, so our per session hourly fee pricing model might be perfect for you.  Invest in good advice.  It's worth the price.     

Buying a Home

Buying a Home

The career is going well, you've just tied the not with the love of your life, and its time to settle down.  Maybe it's time to buy your own home. 

Homeownership is part of the American Dream, and can be an important component of your long term financial plan.  But it is also a huge financial commitment.  Done without proper planning, your American Dream can become a nightmare.  

Don't rely on advice from mortgage brokers or realtors.  They may mean well, but their advice will not be considering your overall life situation!  We will give you the voice of experience, point out potential obstacles, and help make sure your home will be a place of refuge, not a financial prison!

Starting a Family

Starting a Family

Time is flying by and suddenly you are about to be parents.  Real responsibilities! 

Now is a great time to make sure you are on a sound financial path.  After all, you have others relying on you now! 

From saving for college to life and disability insurance needs, to saving for retirement - now is the time to make sure you are preparing for your financial future.  

If you don't yet have a formal financial plan, there is no better time than now.