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Financial Pathways Coaching Program

Your Financial Questions Answered.  Proceed with Confidence.

We recognize that not everyone has large sums to invest.  And not everyone needs a detailed financial plan.  But LOTS of people are stressed and uncertain regarding what to do with their money.  They struggle forward, uncertain if the path they are on is the best one (but unsure where to turn for help).  

We ARE that help.  We will sit down, listen and learn about where you are, and where you want to be - then give you expert guidance based on our years of experience in personal finance.  The topic or topics we discuss are entirely up to you!  As always, we don't sell any product, we don't have any agenda but your financial peace of mind.  You pay us a simple and affordable fee for the advice we offer based on the time we spend together. 

So stop worrying, stop wondering.  This stuff is too important to proceed with anything less than full confidence that you are on the right path, doing the right things.   

Below are just a few of the issues we help our clents with through financial coaching: 

A Real Plan for College

No doubt, the cost of college is intimidating, and so is the financial process.  Going into this without a good sound plan is foolhardy, and often results in mountains of student loan debt which will haunt both yu and your child for decades to come.  

There is a choice.  Mountains of debt are not the inevitable result of higher education.  Whether your child is 7 months or 17 years old, it is never to soon (or to late) to start planning for college. Call us today to get started!  

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Live Intentionally - Get A Grip on Spending

The first step toward financial success is putting yourself in charge of your money.  That means learning to effectively budget.  Budgeting is NOT about confinement.  It is about being in control and telling your money what to do!  It is about making sure that your spending is aligned with your priorities. 

Take charge of your money and watch your relationships improve, debt evaporates, and anxiety and stress disappear.  

Let us show you proven techniques that can put you back in charge of your financial life.

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Axe the Debt! 

Are you ready to live debt free?  

Financial coaching can help show you the path to a debt free life. 

We are not a debt consolidation program (they almost never work!).  We CAN help show you the most effective way to get out of debt on your own using techniques espoused by Dave Ramsey in his books and on his radio program.  

Student Loans can be particularly perplexing, with a myriad of repayment options, and just as many potential pitfalls for the borrower.  The wrong choice could cost you thousands in excess interest charges or tax bills. 

It isn't always EASY but thousands of people have cast off the shackles of debt using Dave's approach - why not you?   

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Financial Checkup / Second Opinion

Maintaining your financial health is important.  And our Financial Coaching service may be just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you need a thorough financial checkup, or an unbiased second opinion regarding another providers recommendation, the Certified Financial Planners and investment advisers at Financial Pathways will always make your financial health our top priority.  

Why take a chance with your financial health?  Call or contact us today to schedule your financial checkup today.  

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Get Your Financial Life off on the Right Foot

Not many financial planners want to work with young people.  They prefer to work with people who have large sums of money to invest. 

There is NO BETTER TIME to check in with a financial planner than when you are young.  Start building good financial habits in your 20s and 30s and you will enjoy a life of financial peace and security.  And while you can get a lot of good advice online - nothing beats personalized advice tailored to your specific situation.  

So if you are a recent grad, soon to be or just married, starting a family, or buying your best home - your Financial Coach can help make sure you are on a sound and sustainable financial path.  


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Implementing Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps

Financial author and radio host Dave Ramsey often talks about the Seven Baby Steps to Financial Peace.  Laura and Jim Kinney are trained and certified by Dave to implement his recommendatins as financial coaches.  

The Baby Steps program is a common sense approach to improving your financial health - but implementing those steps in the complicated real world can be challenging.  Our coaches can help and encourage you along the way.  

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