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Fee Structure

Flexible Fees Based on Your Need

Our Flexible Fee Schedules are what set us apart from most financial advisors.  With Financial Pathways, you are never obligated to buy one service in order to get another one.  We strive to be as transparent as possible, so you always know what you are paying, and what you are getting for your money.  We also work hard to run a lean operation (no fancy offices, ornate conference rooms, or luxury vehicles for the owners!) and we think that is reflected in our pricing.  Remember, as fee only advisors, we do not earn any commissions.  The below fees are our only source of compensation.  Here is a brief summary of what you can expect. 

Financial Planning / Retirement Planning Fees

Financial Planning projects vary in complexity, so quoting a fixed price for everyone is impossible.   We will review your situation, estimate the time we expect to spend on your plan, and then will quote you a price based on our project hourly rate of $250/hour.  Expect the range to be from $1800 - $3000 for most financial plans.  Generally plans for younger folks are more likely on the lower end of the scale, while pre-retirees with detailed cash flow projections and diverse assets and income sources will be at the higher end.  There is no obligation to invest with us – we do many plans for folks who prefer to manage their own investments.

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Investment Management Fees

This is our full-service option for ongoing financial and investment advice.  We think these advisor fees are extremely competitive, especially due to the high level of ongoing service that we provide.  These fees include annual (or as needed) financial plan updates.  See Investment Management for more details.  Fees are based on total household assets under management so as your assets grow, our revenues grow.  Fees are tiered, as follow:

  • The first $250,000 is billed at 1.25%
  • The next $750,000 is billed at 0.75%
  • The next $1,000,000 is billed at 0.65%
  • Assets above $2,000,000 are billed at 0.45%

Fees quoted are annual.  Fees are computed and billed quarterly and deducted directly from investment accounts.  Clients with less than $250,000 to invest can access the same level of service using our Wealthbuilder program.  

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College Financial Planning

Our regular financial planning process includes  a basic level of college planning.  Our detailed college planning service aims at filling in the details.  We will help you figure out where every dollar of your projected college costs is going to come from, using proprietary analysis tools you can take home with you.   Price is $1200 including development of plan, recommendations, loan payment projections, financial aid analysis and advice, and updates and followups for 3 months.  

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Hourly Fee As Needed Advice

Sometimes people come to us to help them with a specific financial planning problem or issue that we can resolve in one or two meetings. Hourly fee for service does not include a financial plan, or investment management.  Such one time as needed advice is charged “by the hour” at a rate of $275/hour. 

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