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Financial Pathways is an Approved Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro in New Jersey

Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Program

We are proud to have been invited and approved to partner with legendary financial expert, author, and radio personality Dave Ramsey through his SmartVestor Program. 

We have long been fans of Dave's no-nonsense common sense financial advice, and look forward to helping you implement Dave's famous "Baby Steps"

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How We Work

A Fee Only Approach.  It is our belief that simpler is better.  And very little about the financial industry is simple.  Including how most financial advisors are paid.  We make it easy and transparent.  You pay us for the services we render.  In return, we help you create a financial plan and/or select investment products for you with minimal conflicts of interest.

Keeping a Lid on Fees and Expenses.  Since we don’t get paid commissions, we are free to recommend the lowest cost no-load mutual funds when those are most appropriate.  Lower fees and expenses mean you keep more of your investment return!

Heart of a Teacher.   Dave likes to say you should work with an advisor who has the “Heart of a Teacher”.  We agree.  It is part of our mission is to help educate clients in the principles of personal finance.  You will never feel rushed or pressured to make a financial decision before you are fully ready.   

More than Investments.  Sure, we are investment pros.  But there is more to financial health than a sound investment strategy.  As Certified Financial Planners™ AND Dave Ramsey Local Financial Coaches, we are uniquely qualified to help you and your family in all aspects of your financial life.  Let us help you build a sound plan for the future based on the Baby Steps.  

Flexible Approach.   Some of our clients are just starting their journey to Financial Peace, others may be well along the way.   Because everyone’s needs are different, we offer clients a choice of how they work with us.  See our services page to see how we work.  

Not Sure What You Need?  No Problem!  Our free 30 minute initial consult will help us determine which investment services best suit your needs.  

All Are Welcome!  One of our commitments to Dave is that we will work with anyone who needs our help.  We have no account minimums, and can find a way to provide investment guidance whether you have $1000 to invest, or $1 million.