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Saving and Paying for College

A Plan for College

Next to your home, college is the biggest financial transaction most people will ever make.  The long term financial implications are huge.  On the one hand, a college education can mean a lifetime of higher income for the student.  Increasingly however, that same education comes with regrets, as students (and parents) find themselves facing long term debts that sap their financial 

We help New Jersey families avoid those regrets.  We believe responsible college planning requires identifying where every dollar of tuition and living expense is going to come from - before signing on the dotted line.  Where debt is required, we will look at options, and compute the ultimate cost of debt, for both student and parent. 

We have developed proprietary tools that help create a plan for four years (or more) of college funding.  We welcome students as well as parents to be part of the discussion.   

So lets plan to avoid regrets - call or email us today to start the college financial planning process.  

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Financial Aid

Where helpful, we can advise strategies to improve your family's likelihood of qualifying for federal and school based financial aid.  We understand the formulas, and in some cases, a few simple moves can substantially increase eligibility for aid.

What we do not do is inflate your expectations, or try to sell you products of dubious value based on promises of government or school largess.  (We see lots of bad advice from self styled college planning "experts")   Much financial aid from the federal government is in the form of loans or work study opportunities. Schools are often a source of free money, but much of it is now in the form of merit based aid doled out to the most desirable applicants, rather than need based awards.  

So while aid eligibility is important for many families, it will most likely comprise only a small part of the overall plan.  Call us today to get the straight scoop on financial aid.  

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Saving for College

If you want to make all educational options available to your children, without resorting to dream smothering levels of debt, saving is the key!

While it is never too late to start saving for college, sooner is always better than later!   At the same time, it is important to short change your own needs.  A financial checkup with one of our New Jersey based CFPs can make sure that your own financial foundation is strong, and then recommend the best saving vehicle and investment strategy based on your child's needs.

As always - your best interest come first.  We do not sell investment products or insurance.  What we do sell is our best ideas on securing your child's future education while at the same time protecting your own financial health.  

Call or email us today to start planning your child's  future!

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