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Closing in on Retirement

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The majority of our clients come to us when retirement is drawing near.  Committing to the next 25 or 30 years of life without a paycheck is something you simply don’t want to do without a plan! 

It is at this point that people look at all the pieces and begin to wonder how they all work together in retirement. 

When to take social security? 

Should I take the pension balance in lump sum or monthly payments? 

How do I turn that lifetime of savings into income that will last the rest of my life? 

How much risk should I take with my investments now that I’m tapping the funds for income? 

Should I downsize the home?  Relocate to another state? 

How do I minimize taxes in retirement? 

What about eventual long term care, or estate planning issues? 

These are all the questions your financial plan will address so you can stop worrying and start enjoying life! 

We have helped hundreds of our New Jersey neighbors plan successful and fulfilling retirements.  Schedule a free no obligation initial consult today, and we will show you how a sound financial plan can help you enjoy a stress-free retirement.   

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

We will create a customized plan for all aspects of your retirement from income and expense planning to taxes, long term care, and estate issues.  

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Investment Management

Investment Management

We can help keep your plan on track before and throughout retirement with our ongoing investment management services.

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