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What is an Aging Life Care Coordinator?

What is an Aging Life Care Coordinator?

October 17, 2019

Rapidly Expanding Field of Geriatric Care Management fills a Growing Need

As the nations population of elderly continues to explode, there is a new business model that is starting to take hold.  Not sure what we should even call them, but these individuals provide assistance to seniors who need help with residential options, arranging medical care and interfacing with medical staff, even help with routine things like managing medications, figuring out transportation needs, etc. 

I have had the pleasure over the last week or so of working with one such care coordinator by the name of Soni Pahade.  Soni is the proprietor of Aging Advisors in Pennington New Jersey.  She has recently been helping a client of mine who has been struggling with housing options settle on buying into an independent living unit of a Continuing Care Community.   She patiently worked with my client (who will readily admit to being a bit difficult at times) by going with her on tours of multiple facilities, negotiating terms, and running interference with overly aggressive sales people.  As the financial advisor, I was pleased that she kept me informed every step of the way.  Overall working with Soni was a great experience. 

As with many providers in this field, Soni was trained in nursing and experienced in gerontology in particular.  Others may be trained as social workers, or other geriatric related fields. 

The need is obvious when you think about it.  Getting old is complicated.  Hey, just try to figure out Medicare Part D – and this was designed for old people?  I am a financial professional I still find it confusing!   And getting stuck between the middle of your pharmacist and your doctor?   Life gets more and more complicated as we age due to an unwieldy medical system and seniors gradually declining ability to deal with complexity.  Many older people rely on family members to help – but what about when there is no immediate family, or close friends – or what happens when the kids are in distant cities and mom or dad needs help dealing with complicated medical or long term care issues?  Who is going to advocate for seniors who don’t have someone nearby to help them?  Who can a senior call when they don't have anyone nearby to help? 

Enter the Aging Care Advisor.  My client does not have any close family or friends she could call on to help her sort out her residential options.  I knew a little – but was not qualified or expert enough in the field to get into the nitty gritty details.  I found Soni through the Aging Life Care Association, introduced her to my client, and she took it from there.  Visit the web site to learn more about aging life care / consulting or to find a practitioner in your area.  Or if you need someone to help with aging related needs in Mercer or southern Somerset or Hunterdon counties – I highly recommend Soni!