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Schwab Success!

Schwab Success!

September 05, 2023

I was up at the crack of dawn today and, I must admit, just a bit breathless as I logged into the Schwab advisor platform.  But there were all my client accounts and investment holdings, as promised, on the new platform.  I didn't really expect any problems with this stage of the conversion, but it was still a bit of a relief to see it successfully completed.  Clients should be able to login on to their accounts to view their accounts this morning.  

Note:  If you haven't created your user Id for the platform yet, you will need one of your account numbers to setup your user id and password.  You should have received your account number in the mail from Schwab several weeks ago - but if you can't find it just give us a call and we can look it up for you.  But rest assured that whether or not you have

The bigger hurdle for Schwab, I think, will be the successful integration and servicing of all these new accounts.  Please allow a little extra time if you have service requestst that need to be completed during the next few weeks.  Alex and I will be learning the ins and outs of the new platform - and so are thousands of other advisors who are new to Schwab.  The Schwab service folks have already told us to expect longer wait times as everyone settles into the new system.   That's expected and ok - to a point.  But I certainly hope and expect that everything will be back to normal within a few weeks as everyone gets familiar with the platform and processes.  

Stay tuned - but so far so good.