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Relocated Flanders / Mount Olive Office

Relocated Flanders / Mount Olive Office

April 20, 2022
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For customers visiting my office in Flanders / Mount Olive, just an alert that I have relocated (again...) within the same building.  I am now in the same suite I occupied over 3 years ago across from the Mens room on the first floor.  The address remains 320 US Hwy 206 in Flanders.  The move is a result of changing office space needs resulting from the pandemic.  In short, with today's hybrid work model, we are using our office spaces primarily as meeting rooms.  We simply don't need the same amount of space we needed pre-pandemic in order to serve our clients.  Keeping overhead at a minimum means helps us maintain our already low fees.  

We opened our Flanders office 7 years ago to provide fee only financial planning services to clients in Warren, Western Morris, and Sussex Counties which were previously underserved by the fee only planning community.  Since that time, almost half of our new clients come to us through this office.