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Jim and Laura to Host Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Jim and Laura to Host Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

March 17, 2021

Financial Pathways is pleased to announce that Jim and Laura will once again be hosting a Financial Peace University course.  Best of all - we are bringing it right to your living room,  That's right - FPU has gone virtual!  

  • Do you make good money - but still wonder where it all goes?  
  • Do you frequently bicker with a spouse or loved one over money? 
  • Are credit cards or other loans or debt a constant burden?  
  • Do you find topics like insurance, investing, and budgeting confusing?  
  • Do you feel as if your money controls you - rather than the other way around?
  • Do you believe the words "Financial" and "Peace" don't belong in the same sentence?  
  • Do retirement and financial security seem like fantasy?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Financial Peace University is for you.  If someone you know is struggling to get control of their finances, please do them a HUGE favor and share this invitation!  

What Is It?  

FPU is the hugely popular money skills course created by financial radio personality and best selling author Dave Ramsey.  The course takes you through Dave's signature "7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom"  in an entertaining and informative format.  Best of all, you aren't left alone with books and videos - we meet as a class - online - and your facilitators can coach and help you as you master the "baby steps"  

When Is It?  

Tuesday evenings starting April 6 and finishing June 1.  


If you are married, it is very, very important that both you and your spouse attend all the sessions TOGETHER!!!  Yes, I know, your spouse may not be as interested in this as you are.  And that's ok. The course realizes that not everyone has the same enthusiasm for money management.  But both spouses do have their own important role to play in the pursuit of Financial Peace.  I speak from experience on this one!  This course helped my wife and I put an end to money fights once and for all.  I didn't need the course to know how to do a budget, or to know how to invest - I do those things for a living.  But what I learned from the course was how to manage household finances as a team.  Trust me on this one!  Take FPU together.  And no skipping class, lol!  

To learn more, or to sign up, visit our course page at or email Laura Kinney at