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Introducing Financial Pathways Coaching

Introducing Financial Pathways Coaching

December 14, 2016

Jim and Laura Kinney Trained and Certified by Financial Radio Host and Author Dave Ramsey

Back in June Laura and I traveled to Nashville to be trained by radio talk show host Dave Ramsey.  We learned how to coach people using the financial strategies and methods he espouses in his books, shows, and seminars.

After a several month training program, we were both certified as Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches.

Our Ramsey training, when combined with my already extensive financial training and Laura’s previous training as a life coach, supports a new initiative we call financial coaching services.  Financial coaching makes good sound financial advice available for a modest fee to those who do not need or want a more complete financial planning solution.

The variety of client situations we run into in the coaching program is diverse.  Help with budgeting and getting out of debt is a common theme.  That makes sense as Dave Ramsey is well known for his passionate attacks on debt of all kinds!  But coaching is not all about budgeting.  Financial coaching can also help young people who want to start their lives on the right foot, wealthy people who want a financial second opinion on their investment or retirement strategies, or pretty much anyone who feels they need a little help getting their financial life on the right track.

In short, as Dave would say – we help clients  achieve “Financial Peace” by helping lay out a path forward.  Having a plan eliminates uncertainty and all the anxiety and stress that comes with it.

If you know anyone who might be struggling to get their financial life on track, please tell them about our coaching services.