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Hurricane IDA fallout and aid request

Hurricane IDA fallout and aid request

September 24, 2021

Rather than the usual financial wisdom I try to dispense, this post is seeking support for one of our community's tireless servants as he tries to recover from damage wrought by Ida!  

Obviously many of our neighbors and many local businesses were impacted by the flooding of a few weeks ago.  Among the many heartbreaking stories is the story of Tom O'Leary and the SHIP (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program) organization.  Tom and SHIP have been feeding the homeless and helping individuals struggling with substance abuse or other challenges for decades.  They are a fixture in the Somerset County community.  Laura and I have been regular supporters, and when I lived in the area, we would both help occasionally at the church in Somerville providing and serving free meals.  We help provide fresh fruit and veggies through the community garden we help tend here in Califon.  

Ida unfortunately completely ravaged the modest SHIP headquarters in Somerville.  Not just the building, but several refrigerators full of food and all the contents of the building.  They are doing their best to continue to offer services, but it has been tough going.  

Tom is a great guy with an important mission and has done great work.  This is why I am sharing SHIP's "FUND ME" page.  If you have some charitable budget money left for 2021, SHIP would be a worthy cause. 

Tom was given an estimated cost of at least $62,000 for the cleanup and restoration of SHIP headquarters. A GoFundMe fundraising site at Samaritan Homeless Interim Program has been created to help SHIP rebuild, but supporters can also make a donation through PayPal at or send a check directly to SHIP at 87 East High Street, Somerville, NJ 08876. 

Thanks for your consideration.   As anyone who has tried to raise funds for non-profits knows - even the smallest donations can make a big difference when enough people chip in! 

Here is more about SHIP: