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Getting Ready to Leave NJ?  Not so Fast....

Getting Ready to Leave NJ? Not so Fast....

June 19, 2019

New Jersey Ranks Fourth in List of "Best States to Live In?"  

Crazy?  Not according to the editors and writers of this article at Wallet Hub. 

Well, first of all, I am going to presume that the experts at Wallet Hub don't pay as much in property taxes as I do.  But when an objective analysis ranks New Jersey as the fourth best state in the nation to live in - well I take notice!   And before rejecting the results as loco - I think about the good things about life in New Jersey.  

We have loads of cultural and recreational opportunities, not just in New Jersey but in nearby destinations.  We have the Jersey Shore, the Big Apple, the City of Brotherly Love, the beautiful Skylands (where I chose to live), canals and rail trails, theatre galore, you can live here your whole life and never run out of new things to do or places to go.  

We have top ranked health care providers.  No big deal?  Well, some of my Florida transplant clients report that it can be quite challenging to find doctors willing to take new clients.  I never have that problem here.   

Think our traffic is bad?  Yeah.  But travel to California, Orlando, Houston, and a host of other places and you will think maybe New Jersey ain't so bad!  And we have good alternatives for commuters with our commuter trains.  OK, mismanaged a bit...but it beats driving into downtown.  

Now if the politicians could somehow get over their own self interests long enough to fix our property tax and state budget issues we might even be able to move to number one. Git outta heeah.