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Financial Pathways Hosts Financial Education Event

Financial Pathways Hosts Financial Education Event

August 11, 2017

Jim and Laura Kinney Hosting Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a 9 week financial education program developed by radio talk show host and best selling author Dave Ramsey (Total Money Makeover).  Jim and Laura will be facilitating an FPU class running every Thursday evening for 9 weeks starting on Sept. 7, at Unity Spiritual Center in Asbury, NJ.  Unity is located just off exit 12 12 of I78, west of the town of Clinton.  

Yes, the location may be a bit remote for many of you...but this class is worth the drive.  If you - or someone you care about - needs to increase their knowlege and confidence level when it comes to managing their money - this class is the real deal.  Through a series of entertaining and informative videos, hosted by Dave, and workshop sessions, course students will learn about:

  • The 7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace
  • Household Budgeting
  • Avoiding / Getting out of debt
  • Communicating Effectively with your spouse about money
  • Insurance Essentials
  • Saving and Investing for College or Retirement
  • Buying a home
  • The importance of giving generously
  • and more...

There is a modest fee for classroom materials, workbooks, and DVD's (if you have already taken FPU, class is FREE).  

To learn more about Financial Peace University, click here.  

To see event details and to Register, click here.  

Questions?  Contact Laura at 908-295-7604 or email at  

Hope to see you in class!