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Don't Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Don't Lose Sight of the Big Picture

January 15, 2021

Well, it’s been a year since I joined the Financial Pathways team, and oh what a year it has been! Despite only working in person for two and a half months, I’m amazed at how much I’ve gotten to know our clients. There are many of you who I now speak to on a regular basis, and others who I’ve yet to interact with. But I must say how grateful I am for such a warm welcome, and I look forward to getting to know more of you!

As we jump into a new year, Jim and I really want to make sure that everyone is keeping their financial goals in perspective. With a new presidency about to begin, and the state of the coronavirus not much clearer than before… it can be easy to lose track of the overall picture. We are encouraging all clients to reach out and discuss anything that may be front of mind for 2021 and beyond. A solid financial plan is built by having solid conversations!

Might your budget need a facelift? Not sure if you and your family are properly insured? Retirement looming? Maybe there’s a home improvement project you aren’t sure how to finance? Student loans keeping you up at night? Is this finally the year you become debt free? Bringing up these simple questions can potentially have a big effect on your financial future. We are great at financial planning, but terrible mind readers!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us, we'd love to help.