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Special Coronavirus Update: (updated April 2021) We are excited to announce that Financial Pathways will once again be accepting in person appointments for financial planning services beginning May 1, 2021 in both our Bridgewater and Flanders locations. Due to the incredible popularity and efficiency of our online meetings, we will continue to offer the Zoom meetings as an option. In fact, we expect that many of you will prefer to meet this way, particularly for routine followup meetings."

Step By Step Instructions for Your Financial Life 

Most people have a pretty good idea of where they want to go in life. But the best path to take is not always so obvious.  That is where your Financial Pathways Certified Financial Planner(tm) or financial advisor can help.  A sound financial plan provides simple step by step, turn by turn directions as it lays down a financial pathway from where you are today - to where you want to be in the future.  A sound plan helps you face the future with confidence, instead of worry! 

Who you choose as your financial guide matters!  We are FEE ONLY financial planners. we don’t sell insurance or investments, or earn commissions, bonuses, or incentives based on the advice we give you.  By minimizing these potential conflicts, we are able to provide financial advice as true fiduciaries - always putting your best interest first.

Take the first step toward creating the future you desire. Contact us today to setup an appointment at one of our New Jersey financial planning centers in Bridgewater or Flanders. Or, if you are from outside the area, or too busy to come in, ask about our virtual financial planning solutions. We look forward to working with you.

<strong>Retire With Confidence</strong>

Retire With Confidence

Retirement is the single biggest financial decision you will ever make. Going into retirement without a solid plan is like walking blindfolded into the wilderness. From distribution strategies, to relocation, to tax strategy - our Certified Financial Planners(tm) and financial advisors have helped hundreds of New Jersey individuals and couples plan out all the financial details of their retirement.

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A Plan for Your Future

A Plan for Your Future

Life can get complicated, and finances can sometimes seem positively overwhelming.  Your financial plan cuts through the complexity with step by step guidance and a personalized action plan.  Knowing you have a sound plan for the future will give you the confidence to relax and enjoy the present,

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<strong>A Plan for Your Investments</strong>

A Plan for Your Investments

We don't require clients to invest with us, but many choose to do so. They appreciate our low cost, no-nonsense, evidence based approach to investing.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Financial Pathways and its team of experienced investment managers can help you bring your financial plan to life by implementing the investment strategies suggested in the plan. Then we take care of all the ongoing activities - rebalancing, retirement distributions, investment selection, tax optimization - so you can focus on more important things.

Investment Services
Millennials and Gen Xers

Millennials and Gen Xers

If you are looking ahead decades to retirement instead of months and years, chances are the typically financial advisory relationship is not a good fit.  Sure, you need to save for retirement - but other concerns may be top of mind as well.  Student loans, buying a home, starting a family, saving and paying for college, protecting your livelihood and family, and managing cash flow are just as important to you as saving for the long term.  We have the depth of expertise to address all of your financial goals.  Moreover, we offer flexible and innovative planning and advisory arrangements which make professional financial advice available to all who need it.  Even younger folks who have traditionally been shunned by big investment firms with hefty minimum investment requirements. 

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College Planning and Student Loans

College Planning and Student Loans

Our Certified Financial Planners(tm) and financial advisors have extensive experience and knowledge regarding college planning, including the financial aid process, and student loans.  We help parents and students pre-plan their college finances (to minimize debt).  We also help recent (and not so recent) grads figure out the optimal strategy for meeting their student loan obligations.  Student loans are incredibly complex, and the repayment plan you choose can impact your ability to buy a home, get married, and more! 

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<strong>A Better Financial Planning Experience for Women</strong>

A Better Financial Planning Experience for Women

Women often report unfavorable experiences working with traditional financial advisory firms. Financial Pathways promises a different experience. Whether you are brand new to this or already a financial whiz, your financial planning partner will take the time to understand your needs, your goals, and your concerns. And you will always be treated with the patience and respect you deserve.

Planning for Women

Words of Wisdom

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

Advice from An Experienced Professional Can Up Your Financial Game

Advice from An Experienced Professional Can Up Your Financial Game

The qualities you would seek in a professional coach are the same as you may seek in your financial professional.  Experience, Knowledge, Patience, and Integrity come to mind.  Our team of Certified Financial Planners(tm) and financial advisors have the financial experience, life experience, and breadth of knowledge needed to help you up your financial game.  Just as important is our strong commitment to sound financial planning and our fiduciary obligations.  We recognize the crucial impact that our advice can have on our clients' lives, and never take that lightly.  And like a good coach, we will never talk down to you or talk "over your head". 

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<strong>A True Fiduciary Who Shares Your Goals<br /></strong>

A True Fiduciary Who Shares Your Goals

We work solely for you.  We do not earn commissions, incentives, or any other payments from any third party.  We believe this policy of FEE ONLY advice serves to best align our goals as advisors with those of our clients.  See what we can do working together to achieve your most important financial goals!

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Local and Independent. Your Neighborhood Advisory Firm.

Local and Independent. Your Neighborhood Advisory Firm.

Working with Financial Pathways is an entirely different experience when compared to the large Wall Street firms, or big insurance companies.  For starters, we are INDEPENDENT and LOCALLY owned.  We do not have distant corporate masters pulling the strings and telling us how to provide advice (to maximize their profit!) - we are free to serve our clients as we see fit.  And that means doing what is right for our clients.  Our greatest reward for a job well done is seeing our New Jersey neighbors live happier, more stress free lives as a result of the advice we offer them.  That just feels good.  Contact us today to learn more about the difference an INDEPENDENT FEE ONLY financial planner can make in your life.

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