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Step By Step Instructions for Your Financial Life

Whether you are just starting in your career, or you are about to retire – you have dreams for the future.  But that future may seem uncertain. The path ahead can be unclear.  A sound financial plan provides step by step, turn by turn instructions for your financial life.  Such a plan can help you move into the future and live your dream with confidence! 

The advisor you choose to help create such a financial plan can make all the difference.   We are fee only financial planners.  That means we don’t sell insurance or investments, or earn commissions based on our advice.  We have designed our firm from the very start to minimize conflicts of interest.  As committed fiduciaries we always put your best interest first. Knowing that our only agenda is your financial future gives you the confidence you need to put the plan in action and start living your dream.  

Take the first step toward creating the future you desire. Contact us today to setup an appointment at one of our New Jersey financial planning centers in Bridgewater or Flanders.  Or, if you are from outside the area, or too busy to come in, ask about our virtual financial planning solutions.   We look forward to working with you.  

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Retire With Confidence

Retirement is the single biggest financial decision you will ever make. Going into retirement without a solid plan is like walking blindfolded into the wilderness. From distribution strategies, to relocation, to tax strategy - our Certified Financial Planners have helped hundreds of New Jersey individuals and couples plan out all the financial details of their retirement.  

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Solve Your Financial Puzzle

Personal finances can get a bit puzzling. There are so many moving parts, and so much conflicting advice.  With the help of a carefully crafted financial plan, your adviser will help you see how all the pieces of your financial life fit together - insurance, taxes, investments, cash flow, employee or government benefits, to help you achieve your goals.    

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A Plan for Your Investments

We don't require clients to invest with us, but many choose to do so.  They appreciate our low cost, no-nonsense, evidence based approach to investing.  

As Registered Investment Advisers, we can bring your financial plan to life by implementing the investment strategies suggested in the plan.  Then we take care of all the ongoing activities  - rebalancing, retirement distributions, investment selection, tax optimization - so you can focus on more important things.  

Investment Services

As Needed Coaching and Planning 

Maybe you're not quite ready for a long term commitment.  Maybe you just need a few questions answered.  Our financial coaching services may be just what the financial doctor ordered.  

We will answer your most perplexing financial questions for a simple consultation fee.  This can be a great way for those who have not worked with an advisor before to "get their feet wet".  

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Virtual (Online) Financial Planning

Too busy to make it into one of our New Jersey financial planning centers?  No problem.  While meeting in person is nice - some folks just can't find the time.  And modern web meeting technology allows our Certified Financial Planners to deliver the same quality financial planning experience virtually as we do in person.  So don't let time constraints keep you from creating the financial plan you know you need! Contact us today to learn more about online virtual financial planning services.  

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A Better Financial Planning Experience for Women

Women often report unfavorable experiences working with traditional financial advisory firms.  Financial Pathways promises a different experience.  Whether you are brand new to this or already a financial whiz, your Certified Financial Planner will take the time to understand your needs, your goals, and your concerns.  And you will always be treated with the patience and respect  you deserve.  

Planning for Women

Advice from A Neighbor

What is it like working with Financial Pathways?  It is an entirely different experience when compared to working with the large Wall Street advisory firms, or your friendly insurance agent.  For starters, we are INDEPENDENT financial advisors.  We started this practice so that we could offer financial advice that was based on our clients needs - not the needs of our corporate employer.  Sure, we need to make money - who doesn't?  But our primary compensation reward comes from seeing our New Jersey neighbors live happier, more stress free lives as a result of the advice we offer them.  We think that you will find that working with your CFP at Financial Pathways is more like getting advice from a favorite uncle or neighbor, rather than a stiff suited corporate advisor.  Contact us today to learn more about the difference an INDEPENDENT FEE ONLY financial planner can make in your life.   

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