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Special Coronavirus Update: (updated April 2021) We are excited to announce that Financial Pathways will once again be accepting in person appointments for financial planning services beginning May 1, 2021 in both our central New Jersey (Bridgewater) and our Northwest New Jersey (Flanders/Mt.Olive) financial planning centers. Due to the incredible popularity and efficiency of our online meetings, we will continue to offer the Zoom meetings as an option. For in person meetings, all staff are vaccinated, we will gladly wear masks upon request.  

Step By Step Instructions for Your Financial Life 

Most people have a pretty good idea of where they want to go in life. But the best path to take is not always so obvious.  That is where your Financial Pathways Certified Financial Planner(tm) or financial advisor can help.  A sound financial plan provides simple step by step, turn by turn directions as it lays down a financial pathway from where you are today - to where you want to be in the future.  A sound plan helps you face the future with confidence, instead of worry! 

Who you choose as your financial guide matters!  We are FEE ONLY financial planners. we don’t sell insurance or investments, or earn commissions, bonuses, or incentives based on the advice we give you.  By minimizing these potential conflicts, we are able to provide financial advice as true fiduciaries - always putting your best interest first.

Take the first step toward creating the future you desire. Contact us today to setup an appointment at one of our New Jersey financial planning centers in Bridgewater or Flanders. Or, if you are from outside the area, or too busy to come in, ask about our virtual financial planning solutions. We look forward to working with you.

Planning Solutions that Meet You Where You are in Life

One size financial planning relationship definitely does NOT fit all.  Whatever stage of life you are at, the Certified Financial Planners at Financial Pathways can help with customized planning solutions adapted to your unique planning needs.  

Ready, Set, Retire!

Ready, Set, Retire!

As you draw nearer to retirement, having a sound financial plan becomes more important than ever.  Life suddenly gets much more complicated, and the risks seem so much greater.  A sound financial plan will help you retire with confidence so you can enjoy your golden years rather than worry about money.  We have helped hundreds of clients retire successfully.  Learn more about how our financial planning services can take the guesswork out of retirement.

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The Hectic Years

The Hectic Years

There are only so many hours in a day for career, family activities, daily chores - life can be overwhelming.  You know your financial health is important, and you aren't getting any younger - but time is short, and you just don't have time to become an expert!  We can help by creating a comprehensive financial plan that cuts through the complexity with step by step guidance and a personalized action plan.  Knowing you have a sound plan for the future will give you the confidence to relax and enjoy the present,

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Getting a Good Start

Getting a Good Start

Your career is taking off, life is looking good.  Now is the time to set a solid foundation for future financial success.  An experienced advisor can help make sure you are getting on the right path, but your parents financial advisory model is probably not a good fit.  We offer innovative financial advisory solutions that aren't based on investing large sums of money.  Furthermore, we are expert in what matters most to you at this time in your life - managing the budget, buying a home, insurance for your lived ones, and of course - getting an early start on saving for retirement!

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Words of Wisdom

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

<strong>A True Fiduciary Committed to Your Goals<br/></strong>

A True Fiduciary Committed to Your Goals

Every financial advisor now claims to be a fiduciary.  We think talk is cheap.  A fiduciary must always put his/her clients' interests first, ahead of his/her own.  We don't think that is possible if you accept commissions, or sell proprietary products for your employer.  These built in conflicts of interest make fiduciary care impossible, in our opinion. 

At Financial Pathways, we are true fiduciaries.  We work solely for you.  We do not earn commissions, incentives, or any other payments from any third party.  We believe this policy of FEE ONLY advice serves to best align our goals as advisors with those of our clients.  See what we can do working together to achieve your most important financial goals!

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