Investment Planning & Wealth Management

Keep your financial plan on track

A sound investment strategy is a critical part of your successful financial plan. But investment planning can be frustrating for many people. Economic news can be frightening. The stock market is as volatile as ever. Maybe you have seen your retirement savings collapse in a crisis, only to recover (maybe more than once!) – and you don’t want to relive that experience! Still, you need your money to grow (even if only to keep up with inflation), and low rates at the bank are certainly not helping!

Did you know…

For the twenty-year period ending 12/31/10, the S&P 500 Index produced an average annual return of 9.1%, but the average individual investor earned an average return of only 3.3%

Source: Dalbar Investment Behavior Study

Risk is part of life. We take risk every time we get in our cars. We take risk when we choose a mate. We take risk when we invest. In each case we hope the benefits of our action will outweigh the risk. And in each case the risk is manageable with a common sense approach. Don’t drive too fast. Date for a while before you tie the knot. Don’t take on more investment risk than you can handle. Managing this tradeoff of risk and return effectively based on each individual investor’s situation is what we do as investment and wealth advisors.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all investment strategy. We work with each investor to determine an approach that is best suited to that individual’s financial plan. Retiring soon? Your plan may call for a more cautious approach that reduces risk and generates income distributions for retirement. Still have time? Need to grow that nest egg? Aggressive by nature? Perhaps you can take more chances – but we believe that acknowledging and managing downside risk can still improve long term performance!

No minimum required

Unlike some wealth management firms, we will not send you away if you do not have a portfolio measured in the millions to turn over to us. Through our hourly fee for service program, we can even help individuals manage their “captive” money such as employer 401k accounts. So if you are looking for sound advice on how to best manage your retirement nest egg or college savings fund, call us and speak with a wealth management advisor.

Investment Management Services

Many of our clients prefer that we implement and maintain their investment strategy for them. We help clients deposit funds in an account in their own name at a major national online brokerage firm. We maintain and monitor the investments in that account according to the strategy outlined in the client’s financial plan. We do not accept commissions for investment products from a broker dealer. We do not sell expensive, complicated, misleading variable annuity products. (click here to learn What’s Under the Hood of that Variable Annuity) We believe this “Fee Only” approach gives us the greatest flexibility to choose the very best investment products based solely on their merits. Clients always have complete control over their account. We never directly handle your money.

Advice for the do-it-yourself investor

If you are confident managing your own portfolios, but value some personalized attention from a seasoned and experienced investment planner, you may prefer our hourly fee advice only option. You pay a modest hourly fee for our investment planning advice, but you retain control and responsibility for all your own investments. Fees may be charged as needed, or purchased in advance on a retainer basis for ongoing advice at a discount.

Pick our brains, we’re here to help!

Stop worrying or worse, putting it off until tomorrow. You don’t have to go it alone. Give us a call at (866)-635-8518, or send us an email using the form on this page. You can speak with a wealth management adviser who will help you evaluate which investment management services maybe be best for you.

Important Disclosure: No investment strategy is without risk. All investments involve various risks and investments may lose value. Our risk management strategies are designed to reduce risk and volatility, but there is no guarantee that these strategies will work under all conditions. Be sure you understand all risks before embarking on any investment program. Always remember that past performance is a poor predictor of future results. See our Form ADV registration document for more information and complete disclosures.