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The first step on the path to financial security

The first essential step on the path to financial security is to get your current income and expenses in balance. There is little that can be done about preparing for the future until you are living a balanced and sustainable lifestyle in the present.

Of course, you realize that you need to be setting aside something for the future. After all, you are not getting any younger. You desire a future in which you can continue to enjoy your current lifestyle (or better!), and you know it is the money you save today that will define your lifestyle tomorrow. Still the demands of the present can be overwhelming, absorbing all available money and leaving little in savings for the future. In many families the conflicting pressures can lead to stress and conflicts that damage relationships.

Did you know…

Of adults who do virtually no financial planning, 38% have significant credit card debt that needs to be paid down.

Source: 2013 Household Financial Planning Survey and Index

Who or what can you turn to?

Modern technology offers help, but it turns out to be a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is easier than ever to track where all the money is going. On the other hand, it is easier than ever to spend money impulsively and to lose control of your spending.

Create stability through financial planning and budgeting

By using careful financial planning and budgeting, we have helped many families through the process of making the budgetary adjustments and developing internal systems and controls necessary to put their financial life on a sustainable footing.

What is important to realize is that this effort involves the entire family. Everyone has a stake in the financial success of the family enterprise. We can even help with ideas about how to engage children and teens in the family financial dynamic, which can help them grow into fiscally responsible adults themselves. We can help facilitate communication and recommend ways to reduce financial conflicts in family relationships.

Stop worrying and take the first step. Help is a phone call away!

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