Note:  The following are not actual quotes from clients, but are descriptive stories of how we believe our planning services have benefited clients in a variety of of real life situations.

I was in a corporate position, making a good salary but knowing this was definitely not what I wanted to be doing a minute longer than necessary. We first came to Jim in 2009 seeking a plan to allow us to slow down and exit the rat race. We had been dealing with a broker at one of the big Wall Street firms, but they were only about investing.
We needed something more, and Jim and Luba really came through. They showed us that after making the most of only a few high earning years, my wife and I could live comfortably on much lower salaries, doing what we loved while still enjoying a secure, well funded retirement. What really struck us about their plan was the high level of detail – they really had thought of everything. Jim and Luba have worked with us to make multiple adjustments to the plan since the original version. We are finally getting close to the planned ‘slow down’. Knowing that we are following a well thought out, detailed plan gives us great comfort as we prepare for a major lifestyle change.
D & M, Executive and Health Professional, Married


My husband and I were hoping to retire early and move across the country to be nearer to our daughter and grandchild. We thought we were well prepared, but quitting our good paying jobs seemed like a huge gamble with so many unknowns.
Jim and Luba created a detailed retirement plan that set our minds at ease. They have always been available to us, whenever we have even the most trivial question of a financial nature. It is very comforting to know that we are living life according to a well thought out plan and have Jim and Luba watching our backs.
K&L, Retired


Making sense of a mess.
After Dad died, Mom dumped all her finances on my lap. While I was happy to help – there was so much! It seemed that Dad had left her pretty well set – but would there be enough to stay in the house? How much could she spend? Mom loves to shop – would she need to cut back? And what to do about all that employer stock dad had accumulated over his entire career? I wanted to start selling it – but what a tax mess!
Jim was a godsend. He created a detailed financial plan that put Mom on a sustainable budget – and also set her mind at ease that she would be financially secure in her old age. He even helped do research to establish a cost basis for the employer stocks. That in itself was worth his fees! Jim is always available to patiently answer all my questions, no matter how trivial.
M&D – Systems Analyst / Retired, Clients since 2006