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Life is About More than Money!

And your financial plan is about more than just investments!

Many people seem to equate financial planning with investments.  Sure, investment strategy is an important part of your overall plan – but there is so much more to planning than just investments!   Our holistic approach to financial life planning recognizes and makes sense of the complex interdependence of all the different aspects of your financial life – taxes, insurance, investments, debt, housing, spending, estate planning, and so on.

A sound financial plan creates a functional model of your future life.   The model is built upon your ideal vision of how you want your life to unfold.  Can we guarantee that all will work out according to the plan?  Of course not!  But what we can do is use the model to create a specific set of objectives and milestones which will show you a clear path from where you are to where you want to be.  It will also measure progress as you move forward toward your goal.

Financial Planning Reduces Uncertainty and Stress!

Almost every client we create a life plan for expresses a sense of relief and satisfaction from knowing where they stand and what they need to do to achieve their goals. Click here for the Top 10 Reasons to Create a Formal Financial Plan.  Your financial plan gives you peace of mind by reducing uncertainty.  Are you saving enough?  Spending too much?  Is your insurance coverage adequate (or are you paying too much for coverage they no longer needed?)  Is your investment strategy consistent with your goals? Too risky?  Too conservative?  Are you taking advantage of available opportunities to minimize taxes – not just today, but over their lifetime?  Will you be able to afford to pay for college?  Will you run out of money in your old age?

You have two choices when it comes to these kind of questions:  Worry….or plan!   We think planning is better.

Did you know…

10% of Americans do virtually no financial planning of any kind.

Source: 2013 Household Financial Planning
Survey and Index

Measuring Progress Along the Way

Once your financial life plan model is created, you have clear and concrete objectives and milestones by which you can measure your progress.  Investments didn’t do as well as planned?  A modest increase in saving may be enough to get you back on track.  Did you spend less than anticipated?  Maybe a change to your retirement distribution strategy is warranted.  Thinking of a big financial move?  Adding it to your model lets you see the long term implications at a glance.  With your plan in place, you will always have a clear vision of the road ahead!

Taking the First Step

If you are ready to start shaping your own financial future, we can help. Come sit down with us and tell us about your life, your goals, and your dreams. We will look over your current situation and explain how we might be able to help shape and bring to life the future YOU choose to live. There is absolutely no cost, no obligation, and never any sales pressure. Once you see how financial life planning can bring the future of your dreams to life, we honestly don’t think any sales pressure will be necessary!

Pick the brains of our Fee Only Certified Financial Planners(tm)!

Stop worrying or worse, putting it off until tomorrow. You don’t have to go it alone. Give us a call at (866)-635-8518, or send us an email using the form on this page. We’ll explain how a financial life plan could work for you. We look forward to speaking with you.