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About Financial Pathways

Financial Pathways really is a different kind of financial firm.  See the difference for yourself.  Here is a short list of what you will NEVER find at Financial Pathways: 

  • Dark Suits
  • Power Ties
  • Wall Street Jargon
  • Hidden agendas.
  • Pushy or condescending advisors
  • Expensive furniture and fancy offices

And here is what we think you will ALWAYS find: 

  • Experienced Advisors.  This is a line of work where experience really matters.  
  • A Deep Well of Expertise.  Retirement.  College.  Divorce.  Investment property.  Taxes.  Debt and Budgets.  Our financial planners study incessantly to keep on top of financial subjects that may impact our clients lives.  
  • A casual environment in one of our three New Jersey financial planning centers.
  • Dedication and commitment.  We love our work, and will do our utmost to help you achieve your goals!  Your needs always come first with us!
  • Acceptance.  We realize not everyone has a perfect financial situation.  Otherwise why would you need us? 
  • Patience and caring.  Planners and coaches who actually listen to you! 

At Financial Pathways, we work on a fee-only basis, meaning we’re not trying to sell you products to earn commissions. No hidden agendas.

Our team of financial advisors includes Certified Financial Planners™, a Certified College Planning Specialist™, and a Cerified Divorce Financial Analyst.  These respected certifications indicate that we are knowledgeable in our fields and agree to the highest ethical standards in the industry.  

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About Fee Only Advice

The good book says a man cannot serve two masters.

Many financial advisors are paid by commissions. Many others charge fees to their clients for advice, but also accept commissions from companies whose products they sell. Neither is bad or wrong when services are provided in an ethical manner.  As a member of the select group of New Jersey FEE ONLY financial advisors, however, we have chosen a different path.



We do not accept payment from ANYONE BUT YOU for the advice we give.

We have made this choice because we believe deeply in the advice we give and the financial plans we create.  We also feel it is important for our clients to know that the advice we offer is solely based on their needs, and is not being influenced by other parties.

Don’t take our word for it.  The following financial experts all seem to agree that choosing a fee only advisor makes sense:

Suze Orman via Huffington Post

Wall Street Journal

AARP on choosing a financial advisor

How are fees structured?  

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, so how we charge each client depends on that client’s unique situation and needs.

  • Hourly fees ("coaching").  Some people just need a little one time guidance to get their lives on track or to answer some complex questions. We charge these clients a fee for the time we spend together. Its that simple.
  • Project Fees. We quote a price for a project (such as comprehensive financial planning or retirement planning) based on estimated time we will spend. You pay half up front and half after completion. That’s it.  No hidden fees, no minimum investment.
  • Retainer Arrangements. Clients who anticipate using our services frequently often will put us on a retainer, paying for services in advance so we are always on call.
  • Investment management fees. Those clients who wish us to manage their investment accounts for them will pay us a fee only on a percentage of the assets under management. Investment management fees also act as a form of “retainer”.

Financial Pathways is proud to be a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of choosing a fee only financial planner.