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This is the Future of Financial Planning 

How can you tell the difference between good advice and a sales pitch?  Does your advisor have your needs first in mind – or his own profit margin?  Conflicts of interest abound in the financial business, leaving the public to wonder who they should believe, and who they can trust. 

Since our founding over a decade ago, we at Financial Pathways has had a higher vision for the financial planning profession.  Our vision is one of a truly professional relationship between client and advisor.  A relationship built on trust, and based on the fiduciary ideal that the clients best interest is paramount.  In this environment of mutual trust, financial planning can finally realize its full potential as a powerful tool to help our clients achieve their goals and improve their lives.

This is why we have embraced a fee only model for our practice.  Fee only means we sell no products, accept no commissions, and sign a fiduciary oath which commits us to place our clients’ interests ahead of our own.   

Want to learn more about the power of truly professional financial planning?  Come visit one of our New Jersey based financial planning centers. Or, if you are from out of the area, or too busy to come in, ask about our virtual planning solutions. 


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A Plan for Your Retirement

Many of our financial planning clients first come to us seeking advice about retirement. And why not?  This is probably the single biggest financial decision you will ever make!  Many of us can expect to spend almost as many years in retirement as we spent in the working world!  That can represent a significant financial challenge!   

Faced with such a daunting challenge, it is reassuring to know that you are not alone!  We have helped hundreds of New Jersey couples (and singles!) successfully achieve their retirement dreams.  Call us today to learn how financial planning can help relieve your retirement concerns!.    

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A Plan for Your Life.

Your financial life may seem a bit puzzling at times. There are so many intertwined and interdependent decisions.  Taxes.  Insurance. College.  Retirement.  Social Security.  Investing.  All of which have direct impacts on your daily spending decisions and even your personal relationships.

Whether you are nearing retirement, just starting your first job, planning for college, or just feeling the need for a little guidance, our Certified Financial Planners can help you make sense of it all.  We analyze all aspects of your financial life, and provide you with straightforward recommendations on how to build the financial future you desire for yourself and your family. 

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Financial Coaching: Advice Made Simple

Maybe you don't really need a comprehensive financial plan.  Maybe you are just starting out (and want to make sure you are on the right track!). Maybe you need to focus on a specific issue like getting your household budget in order, or getting out of debt.  Maybe you would just like to sit down and pick our brains for an hour or two!  

If this sounds like you, our Financial Coaching program may be just what the financial doctor ordered.  You pay us for our time - whether that is only for a single one hour session, or perhaps a series of meetings.  Tell us what you want to accomplish, and our experienced team will help with expert guidance and advice.

Financial Advice doesn't get any more simple and straightforward than this.   Call us today to book an appointment!  

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No Nonsense Investment Advice

We do not require that clients invest with us, but many choose to do so. They appreciate our risk managed, low cost, no-nonsense, evidence based approach to investing for retirement and all your goals.  

Many clients appreciate that we can take care of all the activities needed to implement their financial plan - rebalancing, distributions, investment selection, tax optimization - so they can focus on more important things.  

So if you are ready for a personalized approach to investing that is consistent with your unique financial plan, it is time to talk to Financial Pathways.

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Fee Only Advice:  Your Needs Always Come First!

Fiduciary duty (def):  The obligation of a person to put the best interests of another ahead of his or her own.  

It is hard to trust a source that has conflicted loyalties.  Many financial advisors say they provide advice - but also get paid a commission to sell certain product.  Which might leave you wondering: "Is what my advisor tells me good advice? Or is it just a sales pitch?"

Finanal Pathways is one of a small minority of financial advisory firms which operate on a FEE ONLY basis.  Fee Only means we accept no commissions or third party payments.  We don't sell insurance or other financial product. We work solely for you, and your best interest will always be our top priority. 



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Our Team

Our seasoned New Jersey based team of fee only financial advisors have the knowledge, experience, and insight needed to guide you on your financial pathway. We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. See how our knowledge can help you.

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Financial Planning / Retirement Planning

Your comprehensive retirement plan is a model of your financial life and future.  We use the model to help answer all of those important questions that keep you up at night. Come in for a free consultation to see how a financial plan can help you move closer to your goals! 

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Financial Coaching / Hourly Fee Advice

Financial Coaching is our simple, hourly fee, per session financial advice program.  During your coaching session, our experts will  answer your most perplexing financial questions.  You choose the topic:  College planning, household budgeting, debt management, investment review, real estate questions, financial second opinion: how you use us is up to you! Call today to make an appointment!  

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