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Financial Planning Done Your Way

At Financial Pathways, we understand the value of good advice. But we don’t like the way it is traditionally delivered. You know - dark suits, power ties, Wall Street jargon. So we have reconsidered the financial planning experience.

  • Comfortable environment. Talking about money can be stressful. We provide a relaxed, jargon-free, casual atmosphere in our three New Jersey based financial planning centers.

  • Your Needs First – Always. Our deeply rooted fiduciary commitment to our clients means your needs always come first. As members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we accept no commissions or third party payments.

  • With You Every Step of the Way. Our flexible fee based approach allows us to provide guidance for the entire financial journey – from graduation through golden years.

  • Stop Worrying – Start Planning! Planning reduces uncertainty. Uncertainty causes stress. So stop worrying and start planning with our experienced Certified Financial Planners and financial coaches.


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Retirement Planning for Professionals

The majority of our financial planning clients are hard-working professionals and managers who are ready to take planning for their retirement seriously.

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Financial Coaching

We also serve younger and maybe less affluent clients who are seeking guidance for their financial journey. We provide no-strings-attached help with budgeting, saving and investing, debt reduction, student loans, starting a family, and yes, planning for retirement.

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Advice the Way You Want It

We offer our services on an a la carte basis, meaning that clients can turn to us for investment management, financial planning, or fee-per-session meetings – without further obligation.

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A Fiduciary for You

We are fee-only advisors and always act as fiduciaries. That means we will always put your best interests first. Not sometimes.  Not just when the rules say we have to.  All the time. Your financial future is always our highest priority.

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Investment Management

We do not require that clients invest with us, but many choose to do so. They appreciate our risk managed, low cost, no-nonsense, evidence based approach to investing for retirement and all your goals. 

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Our Team

Our seasoned fee-based advisory team has the knowledge, experience, and insight needed to guide you on your financial path. We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. See how our knowledge can help you.

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Our Approach

We have no asset minimums or investment requirements. We are passionate about serving investors with a wide array of concerns, from the young to the seasoned. We reduce financial anxiety and bring financial peace into your life through sound, client-centered financial planning and investment advice.

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Our Services

We offer detailed and comprehensive retirement planning, including retirement income and tax strategies, and investment advice with an emphasis on investment risk management.

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