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Financial Planning - Without the Sales Pitch.

Planning your financial future can be challenging.  This stuff can get complicated.  Good advice and a sound plan can really help to reduce uncertainty and stress.  Unfortunately, it seems that many  "advisers" seem to be more interested in selling products than in actually helping their clients. 

At Financial Pathways we know the difference between advice and a sales pitch.  That is why, as Fee Only financial planners, we don't sell any insurance or financial products.  No commissions means fewer conflicts of interest.  And that means good, sound advice you can rely on.  Your financial future is too important to trust to anyone with an agenda other than your own financial future. 

So if the financial path ahead seems a bit uncertain, we can help.  Come visit us in one of our New Jersey financial planning centers for a stress free, no pressure consultation.  What do you have to lose but a little stress and uncertainty? 

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A Plan for Your Retirement

Many of our financial planning clients first come to us seeking advice about retirement. And why not?  This is probably the single biggest financial decision you will ever make!  Many of us can expect to spend almost as many years in retirement as we spent in the working world!  That can represent a significant financial challenge!  

Faced with such a daunting challenge, it is reassuring to know that you are not alone!  We have helped hundreds of New Jersey couples (and singles!) successfully achieve their retirement dreams.  Call us today to learn how financial planning can help relieve your retirement concerns!.    

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Putting it All Together: Holistic Financial Planning.

Your financial life may seem a bit puzzling at times. There are so many intertwined and interdependent decisions.  Taxes.  Insurance. College.  Retirement.  Social Security.  Investing.  All of which have direct impacts on your daily spending decisions and even your personal relationships.

A comprehensive, holistic financial plan helps make sense of it all.  We analyze all aspects of your financial life, and provide you with straightforward recommendations on how to build the financial future you desire for yourself and your family. 

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Your Experienced Financial Guide

Creating the plan can help show you the way.  But everything does not always go according to plan.  The pathway to financial success is not always a straight one (and is sometimes not very well marked!)

This is why having an experienced team of financial experts to guide you is so important.  We have been down this path many times before. We know the way.  

Let us be your personal financial guides.  Come visit one of our New Jersey financial planning centers to learn more.  Initial consults are no charge, no obligation.

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Investment Management

We do not require that clients invest with us, but many choose to do so. They appreciate our risk managed, low cost, no-nonsense, evidence based approach to investing for retirement and all your goals.  

Our clients are not numbers.  We know every client personally.  We have done detailed financial plans for most of our clients - so we understand their needs.  So if you are ready for a personalized approach to investing, it is time to talk to Financial Pathways.

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No Minimums - No Obligations.

Our goal is to make unbiased, fee only financial planning and advice available to anyone who needs it.  For this reason, we have eliminated many of the requirements that keep many people from working with a financial planner.  

We have no asset minimums.  We do not require long term contracts or commitments.  We make our services available for a simple hourly fee.  Call us today to learn how hourly fee based financial planning and coaching services can help you get onto the pathway to financial freedom!  

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Our Team

Our seasoned New Jersey based team of fee only financial advisors have the knowledge, experience, and insight needed to guide you on your financial pathway. We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. See how our knowledge can help you.

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Our Approach

We have no asset minimums or investment requirements. We are passionate about serving clients with a wide array of concerns, from the young to the seasoned. We reduce financial anxiety and bring financial peace into your life through sound, client-centered financial planning and investment advice.

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Our Services

We offer detailed and comprehensive retirement planning, including retirement income and tax strategies, financial coaching advice, and investment advice with an emphasis on education and risk management.

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